When is a “Wonky” Floor a Problem?

….When it looks like this!

Marbles would roll from the edges to the centre!

Question is – “How do you find out how flat a floor is? or how vertical a wall is?”

Over time buildings can move and twist, and it may be necessary to assess if this is acceptable, or if remedial measures need to be undertaken.

New constructions may have been installed incorrectly, to the wrong tolerance, or in the wrong position.

Designers & Consultants need independent accurate dimensional information to make assessments and recommendations.


We can identify how level a floor really is using Laser Scanning technology.

Laser scanners and software enable areas to be measured quickly and accurately.

They pick up vertical and horizontal surfaces & can be used to generate detailed cross sections through walls, ceilings, soffits and floors.

They have a distance accuracy up to +/- 2mm, a Ranging error of +/- 2mm and can measure up to 9760,000 points per second.


A new floor slab was suspected of being outside the level tolerances specified by designers.

The site was in a large busy retail store, meant survey work was carried out overnight to minimise disruption to customers.

Laser scans were taken & processed to create a coordinated Point Cloud.


“Dishing” was clearly identified. Individual spot levels, presented in a technical format were identified and the numerical values added to an AutoCAD drawing.

Easy-to-see high & low spots on the floor were shown in colour, with a key to identify the extent of the variation.

Methodology, accuracy and results explained in a comprehensive report.

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