So, what’s the point of a Point Cloud?

Good question. Answer, there are many points, both literally and figuratively.

But first, let us clear up the basics.

What is a Point Cloud?

As we describe it, a Point Cloud is laser scanned data that records the existing conditions in fantastic detail.

They aren’t always, but most frequently are, created by 3D scanners. This is done by measuring a huge amount of points on a physical object’s surface (such as building envelopes, planting & topography, and man-made objects). They have co-ordinates associated with them, most  often X, Y & Z, which locates each individual point within a scan. From this raw data, a point cloud is created: this is the collection of points from the scan and is the output of the process. Here is an example of one.

What are they for?

We can provide point clouds to you in several formats to be used in any way you need, such as to create accurate 3D models or to visualise in numerous ways. They are quite often converted into models through a surface reconstruction process, so that they can be modified, animated or rendered for presentation purposes.

At Laser Surveys we also use the point cloud along with survey data to draw up your project. This is easily done as many pieces of software can directly import point clouds as an external reference. These can then be used in the same way as imported CAD files, PDFs and images. Because point clouds have co-ordinates associated with them we can also ensure, when importing correctly, that not only are the projects we draw geometrically and technically accurate, but that they are also orientated correctly and located in the right place.

We use point clouds in AutoCAD together with a surveyed floor plan to create 2D drawings of your project (such as elevations and sections). This ensures that all the features present in the required views are  technically accurate. We can also further this by using point clouds in Revit to create a 3D model of your project. Together with a surveyed floor plan this ensures that the model is correct, and also ensures that our BIM team can pick out features that could otherwise be overlooked if just using conventional surveying techniques.

Having a 3D model created from your survey gives you a much clearer picture of your project, and allows interrogation of areas that might otherwise be missed when dealing only with 2D data.

Getting your own point cloud and 3D model

If you’re interested in arranging a survey with us we are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you and determine what service(s) you need.

These services could include:

  • Land and Building Surveys
    • Topographical Surveys
    • Measured Building Surveys
    • Rebar Location and Mapping
  • Underground Services
    • Drainage Connectivity Surveys & CCTV Drainage Integrity Surveys
    • Underground Services Surveys
    • Underground Utility Stats Searches
  • BIM Models
    • Various Grades
    • Measured Site Survey Models
    • Context Models
    • Underground Models
    • Point Clouds
    • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Geospatial Data
    • Ordnance Survey Mastermap
    • Aerial Imagery & Height Data
    • Utility Stats Searches
    • Environmental Reports including SuDS reports

We can then arrange a survey date and time to suit you, where our experienced surveyors will arrive to carry out the necessary surveying works.

The survey data is then provided to you in the format you require, including any requested drawings or models.

To find out more about any of our services just get in touch with us using the address below, or alternatively visit our website. 

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