Did you know that if you want to look around the scan of your Project you don’t need to pay for any fancy software or have a desktop PC.?

With FARO’s SCENE WebShare you can explore your scan project in a browser using you phone or tablet. This means you can view it pretty much anywhere at any time!

There are so many benefits to using WebShare, and it’s so easy to use that before you know it you would be lost without it.

So why is WebShare so awesome?

  • View the whole scanned project in 3D

  • View in 3D Scan view or Panorama

  • Interrogate the scan location properties as a list or view on a project map

  • Identify the coordinates of anywhere in the project

  • Measure distances and areas

  • Annotate objects and elements

  • Edit annotations, measurements and Orthophotos

  • Take Orthophotos of elevation or plan view

Try it out now!

How to use it.

Find out more about WebShare in this video:

Video Coming Soon…

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