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360° Virtual Tour

Can’t get to your site at the moment? Why not get a Virtual Tour? A 360° Photographic survey stitched together using Matterport software to create a fully immersive and highly realistic virtual tour of your space. This kind of output is particularly popular with estate agents, events venues, building projects, sports facilities, heritage sites and hotels. Our team attends site and records the spaces in a series of 360° scans that are then stitched together and processed into a tour. We can add points of interest, links to your website or other appropriate sources, 360° photos and links to various other online media such as images and videos to complete the experience for you.


Prices starting from £99 +VAT. For a tailored quote or more information please get in touch.

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Email: info@lasersurveys.com

Call: 01866 833173

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What's involved?

Our survey team will take a series of 360° scans around the areas of your building that you want included. We will also gather 360° single photos of key areas and external views. The scans will then be stitched together and the processed tour edited back at the office for you.

More info

Please call or email us to discuss your project in more detail so we can understand what you want to get out of a 360° tour and how we can help you achieve it.

The tour is hosted through the Matterport website, please refer to their terms of use and privacy policy for more information.

What do you get?

The tour includes a 3D Dollhouse view of your building, floor plan views, 360° photos of key spaces and external areas, tags highlighting points of interest and if wanted providing further information in the form of text, multimedia and links to external sites.

What does this look like?

Click to view:


You can view and explore examples of our 360° tours below. Just click on one to enter it, then click and drag the left mouse key to look around the space, click on the rings to move around and scroll on the mouse wheel to zoom.


for more tour examples and ideas, you can visit the gallery on the Matterport website.

Have a look at our examples below or download our flyer for more info

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