Project Deliverables:  What do you get from Laser Surveys?

It’s really important to us that you know exactly what you will receive before you commission Laser Survey’s to undertake any essential project work for you.

So…. What types of Deliverables are there?


Use the tabs to the right to learn more about the different types of deliverables available from Laser Surveys Ltd.

All of our surveys are supplied by default as 2D CAD files; this has become the standard output of survey data over the past few decades and there are various CAD packages that allow viewing and manipulation of survey data supplied in this format. We can also supply PDF versions if the survey is required more as a presentation piece or CAD is not readily available to the client or end user.

Surveys can also be delivered as 3D CAD, BIM models or 360° Virtual Tours. 3D CAD files will be similar to their 2D counterpart, however line nodes, points and blocks will also have a height value rather than a textual height representation (ie a spot level) that a 2D CAD output will give. Our default BIM output is the industry standard REVIT©, for which we can offer a sliding scale of detail levels (grades) for both topographical and Measured Building surveys. Alternative outputs include .SKP (sketchUP), Navisworks and 3Ds Max amongst others.

A point cloud is produced as a direct result of a laser scanned survey. Point Clouds form the basis for us to create 2D or 3D surveys, however we can supply the point cloud data itself if specified at the time of producing a fee proposal. It should be noted that point clouds are unintelligent datasets and should be viewed/interpreted by a technician with valid experience.

In the same way as we can produce a REVIT/BIM model from our measured survey data, we offer a service to uplift existing 2D survey data to a BIM model in REVIT if given satisfactory base data.

The majority of our outputs are drawing or model based (in plan, elevation or section or modelled output). However our CCTV Surveys will include the preparing of Drainage condition reports (using WinCan) and supplying Video footage of our drainage condition surveys that form a water industry compliant set of documents. We can also prepare summary reports of our investigatory underground services survey which can include copies of Ground Radar transects if required. Manhole records can also be produced in the form of Schedule cards supplied in PDF format.

Working on the Go? Introducing 3D PDFs.

Yes, you read that correctly… A 3D PDF offers versatility & allows EVERYONE to understand captured data instantly without the need for specialist software & no matter the user’s computer capability.

ipad 3d pdf