What is FastView?

FastView is the brand new enhancement to Utility Search Reports providing overlay of Record Plans georeferenced to OS Mapping and output in an interactive PDF.


One File + One View + Comprehensive and Detailed Layered Services Information.


Reduced File Sizes for easy access and sharing + quick delivery of key Utility Records Data.


Enhances Utility Records Information enabling quick identification of existing on-site services viewed easily on original record plans between PDF Layers.


Interactive PDF, CAD (dxf) and GIS (shp / tiff) versions supplied with every order giving everyone immediate access.

Perfect for a quick interactive reference..

FastView is your first point of call whether in the office or onsite. Sorting through Utility Record Plans straight from the Utility Search Reports is both time consuming and error prone. With FastView, all Record Plans are in one interactive document which is georeferenced and scaled. By Adding Fastview to your Utility Search Reports you can reduce errors, same time and make sure all your team are working from the same plans. 

Why should you enhance your Utility Record Search Reports with FastView?

+             Clear view of original Utility Plans as sourced from Service Providers.

+             Saving you time in the office and on-site.

+             Utility Plans in consistent scale and position in an Interactive PDF Viewer.

+             Easy access to data on-site with one digital file giving a clear review of all recorded services on site.

+             Recorded Utility Plans are overlaid on latest OS Mapping for context and easy reference to property extents.

+             Simplifies the multi-page Utility Reports  with standardised plans.

+             Supplied as interactive PDF so no necessity for CAD or GIS Software to view.

+             File sizes are typically smaller than a full Records Search Report and therefore easier to use/load on your device.

+             Full range of formats available.

(without linework)

FastView Sample

Download PDF (5mb)



(with linework)

FastView Sample

Download PDF (5mb)



What our clients say:

“FastView gave us a great breakdown of the utilities whilst on site, providing clear information that helped us locate the individual services by turning off layers as we needed. It worked especially well in conjunction with the background mapping, providing a great context to the overall site layout. We were also pleased with how quickly the plans were turned around! We ordered a 5 working day turnaround for the report and the FastView was made available soon after.”

James Wilson, JPG Group

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