The General Election has taken all the headline, but BIM is big news in the world of surveying.
Laser Surveys use the latest technology to deliver really great Autodesk Revit BIM Models. Here's BIM explained:
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BIM models allow you to visualise & understand buildings anywhere in GB. In beautiful 3D.


BIM is all about adding digital perspective to the physical world. In file formats that work for you.


Laser Surveys use the very latest software to deliver visually stunning BIM Models. In time. On budget.

Why Laser Surveys?

Existing buildings, structures, topography and detectable sub surface services can all be integrated onto a BIM model, produced in both Revit and IFC formats.
Laser Surveys can be your very own BIM creation team.
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 Pricing is site specific & determined by time on site to capture data + time taken to create BIM model.
Click the icon to email us for a quote. Include as much site info & requirements as possible.
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