3 Insane (but true) things about 3D models

So, you’ve seen some 3D models before, right? They look pretty cool, they seem quite useful and they’re becoming more popular. But what’s all the fuss about really? Why are they useful? What makes them popular?

Well let’s take a look and see. I bet we can tell you 3 fascinating facts about them that will make you go “No way! I don’t believe it! They can’t possibly be that awesome!” or maybe just “Huh, well who would have thought it!”.

So, let’s start with something not too extreme in our first fact.

1.      Believe it or not, they look better than the real thing.

No really, they do. And not just sometimes, but all the time! There’s no scum, no grime, no general messiness. Everything is pristine and clean. You can set the sun position and angle, wipe away the clouds, have amazing shadows, perfect planting, smooth finishes and clean windows. It’s like a whole model of unlimited brochure pictures from every imaginable angle for a project, before it’s even been finished!

2.      If you change something over here in this view…look, the same thing changes over here in all these views!

Yes, that’s right! Crazy as it seems but because you are working on different views of the same model, if you were to, say, change a window on the front of a building that window will change in every view you can see it in. Gone is the monotonous routine of changing every plan and elevation in CAD. Gone are the laborious schedules, gone are the hours spent updating and amending everything in the project because one thing has changed. Here is 3D modelling. Instant. Automatic. Incredible.

Likewise, you can instantly change scales, add views, vary detail levels, turn things on and off, add furniture, calculate areas, tag things and much more!

3.      They can be opened in different applications

Structural engineer, ducting layout designer, landscape architect, whatever your part in the project, the chances are you can open the building model in whichever program you use! That’s because most 3D models can be exported to open in a variety of other programmes and applications, allowing for a super high level of interoperability between teams and a more unified model.

The ability to combine models for different specialties can save time and money later in the project

The fact that all the elements of the model (or all the individual models) can be combined in one place, means that clashes in them (such as between structural columns and pipework for example) can be identified and resolved quickly at an earlier stage and at a much lower expense than in conventional design processes, where they can often be overlooked until the project is under construction, leading to higher costs and extended time on site.

Not only can this be done, but in a lot of 3D modelling software now you can share a model so everyone working on it has access to it, and can work on their own local version of the main model, contributing their required bit.

3D Model Internal with structure

There you go, 3 amazing facts about 3D modelling! Have we got you hooked? Would you like to find out more? Why not read our other blogs on 3D modelling and survey outputs? Or you can even take a look at some of the awesome models we have already and be inspired to get your own!

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