Topographical Survey

A topographical survey or land survey is an accurate representation of the area of interest showing all natural and manmade features with levels. Shown as three dimensional points all features including the property, land features and physical boundary details are presented on a scaled survey drawing. Using the lastest surveying equipment one of our land survey teams will visit the site to capture the site features and then process the information at our offices in either Malvern or London.


Prices will be based on day rates – depending on variables such as site size and area required.

What's involved?

The land survey will include the existing buildings and structures, boundary details, a grid of levels, ground surfaces, tree positions, drainage details and service cover positions. Additional details can be included such as the features adjacent to the site or underground services.

What you get...

Drawings supplied in 2D AutoCAD format | Also available: 3D AutoCAD format or data supplied on PDF, Paper and CD formats.


PDF File Topographical Survey example.

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